Meet Briony May Williams’ Husband, Steve

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Briony May Williams was born in 1984 or 1985 and is a British celebrity chef and presenter. She appeared on series 9 of The Great British Bake Off in 2018, finishing fourth. She presents the cooking show Food Unwrapped and the reality housing show Escape to the Country, and she writes recipe columns for BristolLife and the supermarket Asda’s Good Living.

Who is Briony May Williams?

Williams is from Bristol, England. She was born with a physical birth defect in her left hand, which stops at her wrist—she calls it her “little hand”. Williams said that her family did not use the word disability due to stigma around the term.

She had some specialised equipment, such as a recorder provided by the disability charity Reach that could be played one-handed, but learned to complete tasks like tying her shoelaces unaided. Williams attended an all-girls secondary school. Since her early 20s, she has experienced depression.

After studying Spanish and French at Durham University, she became a secondary school teacher in the same subjects, qualifying with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Bristol. She met her husband Steve, a software engineer, online around 2010.

Williams baked with her mother and grandmother as a child, but began taking it seriously in 2013, after she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and had to take time off work. She used YouTube tutorials, such as the ones by Cupcake Jemma, to gain baking knowledge.

During this period, she also took up running. She had a daughter a couple of years later, and baked with her as a young child. In 2017, she joined a local running community, This Mum Runs, and ran the Great Bristol Half Marathon that year.

In 2018, Williams was a contestant on the ninth series of The Great British Bake Off, a television baking competition. She earned the weekly Star Baker accolade in Pastry Week after baking a pie themed around Alice in Wonderland. Eliminated in the semi-final, she finished fourth of 12. In 2019, she appeared on the Christmas special The Great Christmas Bake Off, winning the episode.

Williams told Bake Off producers that she did not want different accommodations due to her limb difference; after appearing on the show, she became more comfortable using the term disabled. At her request, her disability was not mentioned on the show. She later told Disability Horizons that it should “just be natural” to see disabled actors and presenters and that they should not be limited to disability-related topics.

She found the production process—with filming at the weekend and practicing bakes during the week—very intense, and credited exercise with giving her the energy to progress far through the series. She said she “had no energy left” after the semi-final and suffered a chest infection that weekend.

Briony May Williams husband, Steve

Steve, the husband of Briony May Williams, has a tremendous impact on her life and journey.

Briony and Steve first met online about 2010; this is where their love story began. This first online encounter provided the groundwork for what would eventually develop into a solid and long relationship.

Although having taken divergent career paths—Steve was a software engineer and Briony was an accomplished baker—their common interests in life helped them become friends.

Together, Briony’s love of baking and Steve’s technical know-how made for a strong working relationship. During time, Briony and Steve’s bond became stronger, and they ultimately decided to get married.

Their devotion to one another was formalised when they got married. Briony frequently refers to Steve as the most charming man she has ever encountered, underscoring their deep emotional bond.

Steve actively takes part in Briony’s baking activities, despite the fact that he may not bake frequently himself.

He once teamed up with Briony in a YouTube video to demonstrate their desire to work together on diverse projects.

Steve’s main responsibility is to indulge in Briony’s delicious baked goods.

Nevertheless, over the years, Briony Williams and her husband, Steve, have developed a loving and encouraging bond.


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