Meet Dr Alistair Garner, Emily Atack’s Boyfriend, As The Star Announces Pregnancy

Meet Dr Alistair Garner, Emily Atack’s Boyfriend, As The Star Announces Pregnancy
Meet Dr Alistair Garner, Emily Atack’s Boyfriend, As The Star Announces Pregnancy

In this article, we are going to learn the details of who Dr. Alistair Garner, the boyfriend of Emily Atack, is in the wake of her announcement that she was going to be a mother.

Emily Atack made her first child’s pregnancy public on Saturday, expressing her excitement about being a mother in the coming year.

The 34-year-old actress from Inbetweeners is expecting a child in April 2024.

After splitting from her ex-boyfriend Liam McGough, a tree surgeon and Big Brother star, last year, Emily started dating nuclear scientist Dr. Alistair Garner early this year.

Since then, her publicist has confirmed that the two are dating, and it has been rumored that they have moved in together to get ready for the baby’s arrival.

The 34-year-old actress used an Instagram post featuring a black-and-white photo of herself in bed with a baby bump to reveal her pregnancy.

Alistair Garner must be happy that he will soon be a father.

“I’ve never been so happy and utterly terrified at the same time,” Emily Atack wrote.

“Every day is mixed with thrill, fear, joy, hysteria, topped off with a lot of vomiting – a bit like when you’ve just stepped off of the Oblivion at Alton Towers on a hangover.

“I’ve got to know my body on such an insane level. It’s made me appreciate the one I’ve been given so much, I’m doing my absolute best to make it a home for the little squid I’m growing.

“We can already sense the baby is reclined on a mattress of peanut butter and jam sandwiches in there, demanding more chocolate buttons.”

“I’m so happy to be writing all of this to you all. You’ve always stuck by me through the years – do stick around to watch me enter my mum era,” Emily Atack added.

Who is Emily Atack?

Before we get to know more about Dr. Alistair Garner, Emily Atack’s boyfriend, with whom she is expecting a baby, let’s learn more about the mother-to-be.

Emily Jane Atack was born in Luton on December 18, 1989. Her parents are musician Keith Atack, who was formerly in the pop group Child, and actress Kate Robbins.

She is the niece of comedian Ted Robbins and actress Amy Robbins, the first cousin twice removed of singer Paul McCartney on her mother’s side of the family, and the niece by marriage of the late actor Simon Shelton, who passed away in 2018.

Along with her sister Martha, she left school at the age of sixteen and relocated to London, where she remains as of 2022.

Aside from The Inbetweeners (E4), Atack has acted in movies like the reimagining of Dad’s Army, which starred Bill Nighy and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

She starred with Harvey Keitel and Gabriel Byrne in the British film Lies We Tell. She has also made appearances on TV shows like Tracey Ullman’s Show (BBC), Little Crackers (Sky1), Rock and Chips (BBC), and The Keith Lemon Sketch Show (ITV2).

Much is known about Emily Atack now, but what about Dr. Alistair Garner, her boyfriend? Let’s learn more about him in the next section of the article.

Emily Atack Boyfriend: Who Is Dr. Alistair Garner?

Meet Dr Alistair Garner, Emily Atack’s Boyfriend, As The Star Announces Pregnancy
Emily Atack’s boyfriend, Dr. Alistair Garner

According to his LinkedIn profile, Alistair Garner is an electron microscopist and materials scientist with a focus on nuclear and aerospace applications.

He completed his master’s and doctoral studies as well as his employment as a lecturer at the University of Manchester.

Dr. Alistair Garner is said to be in his mid-to-late-30s and graduated from Keele University with a bachelor’s degree.

It is currently thought that he works as a senior consultant for Core Materials at Jacobs, a big US corporation.

Over their relationship, Emily and the attractive scientist have only been pictured together once, and Emily has kept most information about her partner highly hidden.

How Long Have Emily Atack and Dr. Alistair Garner Been Together?

In September, Emily and Alistair Garner were first seen cuddling in London.

She was beaming as she strolled around the capital’s streets with Alistair, and as they sat down at a cafe, people noticed them holding hands.

They have kept their romance under wraps and have only ever been spotted together in public on this one occasion.

But before the pregnancy announcement, they hadn’t formally announced their connection to the world.

Despite this, they have ‘moved in’ together as they are ready to welcome their first child, a source has revealed to The Sun.

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