Meet Emmanuel Mark, The Young Graduate Who Went From Selling Yoghurt On The Street To Become A Successful Business Man

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Everyone is excited about going to school until they graduate and realize that there are no jobs just waiting for them. Some people who graduated with first class degrees are still home unemployed and they currently forced to do menial jobs to be able to survive.

Emmanuel before and After

This was the case of Emmanuel Mark until he found a way out through this crazy maze of life.

In his own words;

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“It all started in 2014 after my National Service. I started writing applications and sending to companies hoping to be employed. After several disappointments, I decided to take things into my hands and started a small business. I took to the the streets of Kumasi to hawk and make a living because I didn’t want to be a burden on anyone. I started hawking Yoghurt in an ice chest on the streets. My hard work paid off eventually and today I can only thank God for how far he has brought me.”

Emmanuel decided to advise his fellow graduates who are looking for white color jobs to stop and hustle. He explained that as long as what they are doing is genuine, it will eventually bring them good returns.

” My fellow Graduates, get up and take a chance. You can’t rely on people forever. Start with the little resources you have and be patient. At the right time, you’ll reap tremendous results. I am not rich but at least I don’t depend on anyone now”

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Checkout some of his photos below;


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