Meet Freddie Aguilar’s Ex-Wife, Antonette Martinez And Josephine Queipo

One of the famous musicians from the Philippines is Freddie Aguilar. Freddie came into the limelight in 1973 and has been active since. He is known to be associated with Pinoy Rock and is recognized as one of the best musician-songwriters from the Philippines.

He is 1.79 meters tall and weighs 74 kg. As famous as he is, people are curious to know about his marital life. In this article, we will delve into his musical career and who his two ex-wives, Antonette Martinez And Josephine Queipo are.

Who Is Freddie Aguilar?

Freddie Aguilar was given the name Ferdinand Pascual Aguilar when he was born on February 5, 1953. His parents are known to be Gregorio Aguilar and Salud Pascal. Aguilar’s love for music began when he was just 9 years old. It was at that age that he played his first guitar. He officially began his music career when he was 14 years according to reports.

At 19 years old, Aguilar had his first stage performance where he performed with Joshua Alcantara for the first time. He attended De Guzman Institute of Technology where he studied Electrical Engineering for a while. Unfortunately, he decided to quit college and was thus unable to complete his degree program. He chose to become a musician and started off as a street musician, then later as a folk club and bar musician.

Freddie Aguilar Career 

After a period of five years, Aguilar found himself filled with regret for his decision to drop out of school, prompting him to compose the renowned song “Anak.” This composition not only achieved remarkable success on the Philippine record charts in 1979, but it also reached the coveted number one position in Japan. Following the creation of “Anak,” Aguilar actively participated in protests against the Marcos regime, utilizing his talent to write and perform songs that vehemently criticized the government’s excessive actions.

In 1978, Aguilar embarked on a patriotic endeavour by recording “Bayan Ko,” a song that would later become an iconic rendition. He described this composition as a source of inspiration, igniting within him a sense of excitement and empowerment. Even prior to his rendition of “Bayan Ko,” Aguilar had been creating and performing songs that aimed to shed light on social injustices.

The assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino in 1983 served as a catalyst for massive demonstrations against the Marcos dictatorship, during which Aguilar’s rendition of “Bayan Ko” resounded through the airwaves and speakers mounted on jeepneys, resonating throughout the streets of Manila and the provinces of the Philippines.

During Senator Aquino’s funeral, Aguilar delivered a heartfelt rendition of “Bayan Ko” and expressed his profound belief in Aquino’s unwavering dedication to securing the freedom of the Philippines.

In recognition of his exceptional talent and contributions to the Asian music industry, Aguilar was honoured with the prestigious Asia Star Award at the Asia Model Award Festival in Korea in January 2008. Furthermore, Aguilar has been actively advocating for the establishment of a new division called the “Department of Culture and Arts,” aiming to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the nation.

Aguilar’s performance of “Para sa Tunay na Pagbabago,” a campaign jingle for Rodrigo Duterte set to the tune of “Ipaglalaban Ko,” during the president’s campaign and inauguration, has garnered immense popularity and has become a personal favourite of the president himself.

Remarkably, despite running as an independent candidate, Aguilar received the endorsement of President Duterte for the senatorial race in 2019, highlighting the president’s unwavering support for his candidacy. It is regrettable, however, that despite this endorsement, Aguilar’s bid for senator was ultimately unsuccessful.

Who Is Freddie Aguilar?

Freddie Aguilar has been married three times and divorced twice. He was first married to Josephine Queipo from 1978 till they divorced in 2000.

That same year, he married Antonette Martinez. They divorced a couple of years later in 2005. Freddie Aguilar had four children – Maegan, Jonan, Isabella, and Jeriko with his first wife, Josephine Queipo. Currently, he is married to Jovie Albao.


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