Meet Maame Esi Foriwah, The Lady Who Left Her Career As A Journalist To Become An Uber Driver (+Photos)

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Maame Esi Foriwah was a journalist working with GN Media for some time.

Maame Esi Foriwah

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Unfortunately for her, she lost her job and was forced to find another source of income. She then decided to use her savings to buy a small car to become an Uber driver.

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Despite being a woman, Maame Esi was ready to work hard in this high-risk job and make a living for herself.

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Aside from being an Uber driver, Maame Esi also does catering services for people who are too busy to cook. She takes orders for parties, events, home services and delivers it on her own.

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She now earns more that she used to earn when she was a journalist.

See photos below;

Maame Esi driving her Uber car
One of the stews Maame Esi makes
Maame Esi and Nana Tea


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