Meet Mama Uganda, The Woman Who Gave Birth To 44 Children With One Man

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A woman identified as Mama Uganda has produced 44 children from one man without going through any special medical procedure.

She is said to have started her childbearing at the age of 13 years after her parents married her off at the age of 12

The 40-year-old woman who hails from Uganda is a single mother now after her husband abandoned them and disappeared with all the money they had.

In a video shared by explorer, Joe Hattab, Mama Uganda has been left to cater for the 38 children as 6 of them have passed on to eternity.

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According to her, a kind-hearted Arabian provided the bunk bed her children sleep on and has since been able to enroll all the children in school.

She added that doctors told her she’s very fertile that had contributed to her large childbearing as she only delivered a single child once and the remaining are twins, triplets, and quadruplets.

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She’s having 16 girls and 22 boys who are still alive and no family planning method worked for her.

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