Meet Muhammad Awal Mustapha, The World’s Youngest Billionaire Who Is Only 10 Years Old

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Muhammed Awal Mustapha, known as Mompha Junior is the son of multimillionaire Nigerian internet celebrity Ismailia Mustapha, who goes by the name of Mompha and has 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

The Nigerian youngster is living the “soft life” many people crave for.

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According to a report by The Sun, Mompha Sr. bought Mompha Jr. his first mansion for his sixth birthday in 2018.

 “It reassures you that after all the ups and downs you have a place to go to. A place that will never judge you and always invite you with open arms… Congrats My Son on your New Home. Ur birthday Gift from Daddy,” he reportedly wrote on social media at the time.

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The young boy has also accumulated a fleet of luxurious cars. One post shows him on the bonnet of a cream Bentley Flying Spur which he said his dad bought for him as his first car. He bought Mompha Jr his first mansion for his sixth birthday in 2018.

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