Meet Robbie Knievel parents : Evel and Linda Knievel

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Robbie Knievel parents are one of the key aspects of him that many would love to know as they seek to have details about his family. 

This article will guide you to know much about Robbie Knievel parents And other important details about him. 

Robbie Knievel Profile 

Name Robert Edward Knievel II
Age 60
Date of Birth  May 7, 1962
Place of Birth  Butte. montana , USA
Nationality American 
Date of Death  January 13th 2023
Cause Of Death Unknown 
Parents  Evel and Linda Knievel
Occupation Stunt Performer
Place of Death Reno, Nevada, USA
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Who is Robbie Knievel ?

Robbie Knievel Was an American Stunt Performer who’s birth came on the 7th day of May back in 1963. He was born in Butte, a suburb of Montana of the United States of America. 

Robbie Knievel Age

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Born in the year 1963, Robbie Knievel lived up to 60 years on earth before his ultimate death in early January 2023.

Robbie Knievel parents
Robbie Knievel

Robbie Knievel Parents

Robbie Knievel Was born to renowned American stuntman Robert Evel Knievel and his first wife, Linda Knievel. 

Robbie Knievel parents Robert Evel Knievel and Linda got married in the year 1959 after some short dating history and has since lived happily for 38 years. Sadly, the pair divorced in the 1997.

​What to know about Robert Evel Knievel, Robbi’s Father

Robert Evel Knievel was an American stunt performer and entertainer. He is actually one of the best out there in doing what he does, he attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps throughout his illustrious Cycling career. 
In 1999, Knievel was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. He them began battling health related issues which got worse in 2007 when he was affected by a pulmonary disease. Sadly, he passed away in Clearwater, Florida of the United States of America at the age of 69.


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