Meet Ronald Haley , Madison Brooks suspects attorney

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Ronald Haley is a Lawyer who is currently representing as an Attorney for Madison Brook’s Rape suspects. 

Ronald Haley has been working as an attorney for four young males who were arrested in connection with a Rape case involving LSU student, Madison Brooks.

What to know about the Madison Brooks Story

On January 15th, suspicions were raised about a rape case when Madison Brook was hit by a car. Four people were later taken by the Police and arranged before court. 

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Two of them identified as Kaivon Deondre Washington who is 18 years old and a 17-year-old minor who’s identity is yet to be known were charged with third-degree rape. The rest two Everett Lee, 28 years ola and Casen Carver who is also 18 years of age were charged with principal to third-degree rape, which implies that they were present at the scene but did not participate in the said crime.

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When investigations became intense, one Reportedly admitted the crime and told the investigator that they left home with the Rape Victim who was very unstable on her feet as well as unable to speak clearly after they all visited a school nearby bar and had a drink. 

Ronald Haley
Maddison Brooks

Their Attorney, Ronald Haley’s case

Ronald Haley in his clients Defense, admitted the young men had sexual intimacy with Brooks but argued that it was a consent and not a rape. 

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According to their revelations, it was Brooks herself who requested to join the car belonging to the two accused people with the explanation that her car had left her snd she needs a ride so it was not that was been forced into it by any of them.

She willfully got into the car, said that her rides had left her, and she got in, Absolutely not a rape. Listen, this is a tragedy, definitely not a crime.” Haley stated 



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