Meet the beautiful University of Ghana student who sells Sobolo for survival

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It’s one thing to be born poor and struggle to make it in life than to be born poor and depend on men for survival in the case of girls.

NOwadays, unemployed female graduates across the country tend to depend on men, mostly the married ones for survival as the economy doesn’t provide the avenue for them to work right after National Service.

It has now become the norm and an open secret that most University ladies sleep with men for survival but wait as we are about to show one lady who’s defying odds to survive.

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The lady by name Lydia Hudu has gone viral on social media for finding the legit ways and means to take care of herself.

According to Inusah Duut Issahaku who shared her photos and inspiring story on Facebook, Lydia Hudu was caught on camera hawking Soboolo drink at Makola market.

“A University of Ghana student named Lydia Hudu caught on camera hawking Soboolo drink at Makola market. Reliable source said her mom hawks Soboolo to pay her and her siblings school bills.
This is one brave girl who is not ashamed of her hustle.
How many girls can do this in our society.
As long as it is legal and puts food on your table, Be proud of your hustle.”

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And per what reliable sources have said, Lydia’s mother hawks Soboolo and that what she uses to pay school fees for her children.

And Lydia despite her beauty and privilege to be in one of the best Universities in Ghana has put her pride aside to help her mother in selling the popular drink.

Check out her photos below:

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