Meet the Himba tribe from Africa that offers free s,ex to guests and doesn’t bath

The Himba people of Namibia are a distinctive group of people with a culture that most people will find offensive.

The Himba, who reside in Namibia’s Kunene region, are also known as the Ovahimba or Omhimba people. We can tell you about one of their cultures if you’re curious as to why this tribe is peculiar. In addition to providing free sex to their visitors, they also dress newborns in necklaces made of beads.

As if they weren’t enough, the tribe avoids contact with outsiders and lives in seclusion.

The people put a lot of effort into preventing foreign influences from tainting their culture and values in any way.

You can see why we are interested in learning more about these individuals who reject civilisation.

The Himba people are mostly farmers and livestock breeders, and the women of the community spend their time gathering firewood, preparing and serving meals, and finding fresh water.

Some of the peasants are very religious and socially motivated, worshipping their old gods in reverse.

Young girls are married off at an early age, and polygamy is encouraged. Although polygamy is not unusual in Africa, it is a widespread practice there.

It’s odd that they didn’t take a bath, though. Before you are shocked, the harsh climate in their locality is the reason they don’t take a bath with water.

The Himba people inhabit one of the harshest places; their inability to access potable water and the harsh desert climate prevents them from taking a bath.

They don’t seem any less attractive since they don’t have a bath routine.

While some of them have their bodies exposed like women, they appear fantastic when you find them wearing their traditional clothing.

Since bathing is challenging for them, they put red ochre on their skin and then take a daily smoke bath to keep themselves clean.

People bow over the smoking bowl as a shoulder-sized piece of charcoal is thrown into a bowl of herbs. The heat from the charcoal causes the body to perspire, which aids in cleaning the body.



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