Meet Tyler Childers wife, Senora May

This article will inform curious readers and fans about the wife of Tyler Childers, a country musician, Senora May.

The family of Tyler Childers consists of three people. On May 14, 2023, singer Tyler Childers and his wife Senora May made the announcement of the birth of their child.

The country musicians got together for the first time somewhere unusual, and things got going straight away. Since their happy union, the two have flourished in both their personal and professional lives, pursuing their shared passion for singing.

Childers is a well-known singer-songwriter from Kentucky who frequently performs neotraditional country, bluegrass, and folk. He is well-known for his eclectic musical approach. His second studio album, Purgatory, which was a huge hit, propelled him to fame in 2017. The musician has since released many EPs, singles, and three more albums.

Cody Childers and Loyran Childers are Tyler’s parents. According to the man in an interview with No Depression, his mother is a nurse and his father, Cody, worked in the Kentucky coal industry. He also mentioned in the interview that his parents didn’t make enough money to live a more luxurious life because they worked in a demanding business.

Childers and his family fought to make enough money for a better living, but despite this, they remained close throughout the difficult years and remained close during the prosperous days. He also highlighted how growing up in difficult circumstances motivated him to take on more responsibility for himself and his family.

Meet the wife of Tyler Childers

Senora May, Tyler Childers’ wife, and they are content in their home. Senora is a Kentucky-born singer, composer, and performer.

She describes her music as organic and based on tales from her hometown and its residents. She is a country singer. Although the woman has long performed on many platforms, her debut album Lainhart marked her entry into the music business. Songs like Country, Be My Lonesome, Female, and Gone From The Mountain are included in it.
According to May’s website bio, her debut album showcases a variety of her musical influences, including folk-flavored vocals, deep novelistic lyrics, acoustic and electric guitar sounds, and her beautiful & seductive vocals.



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