Men Are Born Liars Perhaps Iceberg Is Really Stubborn – Juliet Ibrahim

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Actress Juliet Ibrahim has consistently been in the news off late all in the name of her ‘dangling’ amorous relationship with Nigerian Iceberg Slim.


From all indications it’s obvious the ‘lover birds’ are no more together per their social media actions although none has come out to debunk rumours or accept the bare facts.

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For the rumours became somehow valid when Juliet Ibrahim not long ago deleted all photos Iceberg and herself enjoying the good times they shared together.

Now, the actress in question has taken to social media particularly Instagram and what she posted there has given room for people ponder over a lot of things in relation to her relationship with Iceberg.

In a post on Instagram describing men as liars, the actress said; “The way men lie, I’m beginning to think poor Eve didn’t eat the forbidden fruit first”.

Logically, this presupposes that her boyfriend, Iceberg Slim is perhaps a chronic liar but she can’t single him out leading to the generalisation that men are born lairs.

See post below:

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