Men Are Looking For Sensible, Hardworking Women, Not Those With Big Bortos – Counsellor Charlotte Oduro

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Controversial Marriage counsellor and woman of God, Counsellor Charlotte Oduro has laid out some attributes a mature man looks out for in a woman he wants to spend his life with.

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She advised women to bring more than looks as serious-minded men would choose hardworking women over endowed-bodied women.

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“Any man that is business minded and a serious business or someone who wants to build a life for himself doesn’t really care about buttocks.”

Mrs Oduro continued to lay out the specifications men look for in women before marrying them. She pointed out that smart women have long-term goals.
“They are looking for women that can build a life with them. They are looking for women that are smart enough to see the future and stand with them as women.
“Every man who knows where he is going and not here to joke,” she concluded.

Counsellor Charlotte earlier on in an interview on Okay FM advised women to pamper their husbands who cheat on them.

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She explained that, pampering such men will make them stop cheating and start finding ways of staying faithful to their wives.


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