Men are not ATM machines, stop bothering them with money issues- Nigerian musician Eva Alordiah

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Rapper Eva Alordiah has modestly urged women who believe they are entitled to their man’s money to find work and stop depending on their relationships.

The singer claimed on Twitter that men are not ATMs and that women shouldn’t count on men who are not their husbands to provide for them financially.

Furthermore, she counselled women to date men for pleasure rather than to extort money or other material goods from them.

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She wrote; “Girl, the Man is God moving. Not a damn ATM. Date him because you enjoy exploring life with him, not because you want some change for weaves and some fxxing Netflix. The fxxk is wrong with you? Get a job or go plant a fxxing garden.

“Men are providers, men are providers..” If he has not married you, how about; let him intentionally, of his own volition, step in to fulfil that duty to you? Money is such a PHYSICAL thing to be weighing the value of people on. We have to go deeper than that.”


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