Men: Don’t Ever Say THESE Painful Things To Your Girlfriend/Wife

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On Ghbase Xtra, our new writer KuuKua brings to you the most painful things a man shouldn’t say to a woman. There are some things that a man may say to a woman that will seem pretty normal but to a woman it will seem cruel. Let’s look at some of them and please do share with me in the comment box after reading, what you also think or your sentiment on it.

1.YOU ARE BEING DRAMATIC: In so many places women are stereotyped as being overly sensitive. And _guess what? After all of those decades of women being given that reputation,it did affect us.
Subconciously,women are aware of that stereotype every time we make the decision to bring up a problem and begin an argument, so if the man pulls out the “you’re being dramatic”card we fume inside because you’ve shoved us into the category we want to stay out of.


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