Men No longer Want Good Cooks, They Want To Be With Smart,Rich Girls – Kafui Danku Advises Ladies To Upgrade Themselves

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Most young men of today seem to be tired of dating young ladies who are jobless and dependent on them.

Even actress Moesha Buduong who is known for dating sugar daddies has repented is currently self employed. Moesha disclosed in a recent interview that men do get tired if their women keep on demanding for money without working themselves.

Another person who agrees with this notion is Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku.

According to Kafui Danku in a post on her Facebook page, the way to a man’s heart is no longer through the stomach like we were made to believe.

She explained that, men of today no longer want women who are good cooks instead they want smart hardworking women who are independent.

Kafui added that a woman who thinks her cooking skills can tame a man should think twice because unless the cooking skills brings in some money, it’s totally worthless.

She advised ladies to come to her for advice on how to make more money rather than just take selfies and look pretty on social media.

See her post below;

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