Men should have nothing to say about what women decide to do with their bodies – BBNaija Star, Angel 

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Former BBNaija participant, Angel whose full name is Angel Smith has stated that men should not dictate to women what they decide to do with their bodies. 

In a series of tweets, Angel who recently had new tattoos inked on her body said a woman has the sole autonomy over her body relating to abortion, surgery, fashion sense, and other decisions which boil down to preference.

In her words, “As a man; you shouldn’t have an opinion on what women do with their bodies. Not IUDs, abortion, plastic surgery, choice of clothes etc, nothing.

Hopefully, women are given more autonomy over their bodies and more women find the courage to fight for their autonomy; especially African women.”

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Angel was born in the year 2000 to London-based parents. Angel is originally from Akwa Ibom state.

She resided in Nigeria while her parents lived in London. BBNaija Angel studied at Marywood Girls College, Lagos, then proceeded to the University of Lagos (Unilag), where she was a student for about two weeks.

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However, she never attended any lecture during that period. Angel studied in a secluded high school and underwent pressure from parents and school. According to her, to get an ‘A’ in Marywood Girls College, Lagos, you need a score of 96.

She dropped out of Unilag without the consent of her parents.

See her post and reactions below;

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