Men should help their girlfriends to become rich – Naija man tells other men

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A Nigerian man has emerged online asking men to empower their girlfriends financially, especially those who come from poor backgrounds.

He claimed that it would make sense for a man who is financially secure to assist his girlfriend in achieving the same amount of success.

In his opinion, if a man meets his sweetheart when she is not wealthy, he can help her become wealthy.

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In an apparent demonstration of the message he is propagating, the young man could be seen enjoying some spa time with his girlfriend in a video shared originally on Instagram.

“If you didn’t meet her rich, what’s wrong with helping her become rich,” he captioned.

In other news that could capture your attention, a young man has won several admirers online after he used his telekinetic abilities to move objects, just like what we see in Holywood movies.

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He demonstrated his ability to move objects with his thoughts without touching them as depicted in a video shared online.

When the post originally emerged on TikTok, some netizens described his performance as black magic, while others claimed it was just a magician’s trick.

To demonstrate that he wasn’t deceiving his observers, he performed the act with a variety of items, including cups, aluminium foil, water bottles, and containers.


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