Men, stop thinking about sekz when it rains- Reno Omokri warns

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Renowned for dishing out wise and sometimes controversial counseling, former presidential aide and author Reno Omokri has come through with another nuggets of advice for single men.

In a new post buzzing the internet which we equally buy into, Reno said men should reconstitute their faculties and change the perception that suddenly fill their heads when it rains.

His post as shared on Twitter read;

“Dear single men, When rain falls, stop thinking that it is time for weather for two. Instead, think of agriculture. Produce before you reproduce. Make your money before you seek your honey. Make it big in the boardroom before you make it happen in the bedroom!”

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See some reactions his post garnered;

@dappssee – When you’re driven by what you intend to accomplish, the weather won’t even matter to you

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@Lawzzy001 – Pure math…. Tho for those that have what completes the “two”
Here its only I and my wrapper…… 🏌🏼‍♂️⚾

@CHARISMA411 – Commercial land for farming is not easy to come by, no dey talk as if e easy to get, me i need am because i love farming.

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@GreenWhiteDevil – Literally no Nigerian man thinks about sex when it Rains. We are just pissed cause it messes with the DSTV and our football. 😑

@anusapeterogar – Raining season is the time to sow. What a man wants to harvest is what he sows. Priority is key


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