Men with potbellies are not bad in bed – Mr Ibu says after fathering 13 children with different women

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Nana Yaw
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Veteran Nigerian actor John Ikechukwu Okafor, better known as Mr Ibu, has rubbished claims by many that men with potbellies are not good in bed.

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According to Mr Ibu, who has a protruded stomach, such claims are not true as he is a testament to that fact.

Speaking openly about his family and private life and his role as a father, Mr. Ibu boasted in an interview that he has 13 children from several women and proudly remarked that he hatches children like pigeons.

He further refuted the prevalent belief that guys with potbellies are bad in bed, claiming that he is excellent in bed and that the fact that he had 13 children from many women is proof of his proficiency in the bedroom.

“Some say that persons with potbellies aren’t excellent lovers or sexually active, but being excellent in bed is a matter of perspective. My response is that I have 13 children (10 males and two girls), one of whom I lost. That is proof of my virility in the bedroom.”

The actor explained, “I hatch children like pigeons.”

“I don’t deceive my wife. Before I married her, I had children. Many women wanted to have children for me, but I couldn’t afford to build a primary school in my home.” he ended.

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