Men’s Only: Actress Amma Serwaa reveals how to spot a pretentious woman

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Pretty Ghanaian actress and fashion designer, Amma Serwaa has told men how to tell if their wives do not love them.

She claims that women are so skilled at acting that it is next to impossible to tell whether they really care for a guy.

Speaking to Adwen the Love Doctor, on Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen Show’, Amma Serwaa said, “If a woman decides to pretend to love you and you’re not careful as a man, you might fall for her deceit because they are so good at pretending.”

Talking about how to find out when a woman doesn’t love you, she noted that, “a woman pretending to love you does not talk about her future with you because she does not see you in it.

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“The last thing you do irritates her hence, you can try and do everything you think will please her but she will never see it as such.

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“A lady who doesn’t love you may not even kiss you while you’re having sex together,” she added.

The actress stressed that although some women would pretend to love their partners even if they don’t really feel that way, others will go to great lengths to convince their partners that they do.

She went on to say that if a lady doesn’t love you, you’ll always be second fiddle because that’s what she considers you to be.

“They only contact you when they have an emergency and you’re the only one who can assist,” she said.

She urged men to use common sense and get to know the women they date thoroughly to protect themselves from women who do not love them.



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