Mia Fizz Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Facts

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Mia Fizz is better known as a British YouTuber and author who has become famous for her self-titled YouTube channel. She is also a member of the Family Fizz channel and as an author, she published her first best-selling book, Awkward to Awesome.

Mia Fizz is famously known for being a YouTuber and as a member it The Fizz family she moves around a lot and since they started the channel they have lived in at least 18 houses in Dubai, Sprain, Costa Rica, Los Angeles, Portugal, London, and Brighton.

Mia Fizz
Mia Fizz

Mia Fizz biography.

Mia Fizz was born on December 4th, 2004 in Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom, and as of 2022 she is 18 years old and currently lives in London, England, United Kingdom.

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The YouTuber holds British nationality and her ethnicity is White. She believes in Christianity and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Her mother, Georgina Fizz gave birth to her when she was 16 and later separated from Mia’s father to remarry Darren Fizz a famous British YouTuber.

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The YouTuber has two sister’s namely, Karma and Sienna, and a brother Koa. Among the four children of her parents, she’s the eldest.

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Who is Mia Fizz’s biological dad?

The famous content creator has been raised alongside her stepfather, Darren. Her biological father has been out of the picture since Georgie separated from him.

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According to Mia, she has no contact with her biological father and the family has refrained from talking about her whereabouts however on her 16th birthday, the biological father who identifies as Ky shared a video hoping to get her attention and wished her a happy birthday. He has a new family which includes three children.

Opening up about why he’s not in Mia’s life, he debunked claims that he was an alcoholic and addict, and had not cheated on his partner. He added that he used to see his daughter regularly until she was 11 and when she was 12 he lost contact as the family started moving around a lot and has been trying to get in touch but all means proved futile.

How did Mia Fizz become famous?

Mia Fizz rose to stardom due to her YouTube channel. Her family also has the Family Fizz YouTube channel where they create content together and the channel now has over 2.4 million subscribers. She has her own channel Mia’s Life which she launched it on April 2017 and has even interviewed American actor, Mark Wahlberg on her channel.

She and her family started as Vegan food vloggers where they used to share recipes and ideas for healthy vegan food but they switched their content up to more lifestyle and vlog content.

Aside from YouTube, she is a social media personality who is available on Instagram with over 457 thousand followers and on TikTok, she has over 970 thousand followers.

Mia Fizz is also an author who published her first book, Awkward to Awesome in 2019 when she was just 15 years old and it became one of the best-selling.

Mia Fizz boyfriend

In a video that was shared on the Family Fizz channel, Mia is seeing someone however they just met so there isn’t enough information about him

The YouTuber used to be linked to British TikTok stars, James Holt and Samuel Bangs but Holt debunked the rumors.


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