Michael Blackson reveals plans to star in a local movie to put Ghana on the map

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US-based Ghanaian-Liberian comedian and actor Michael Blackson made known to Ghanaians his intentions of starring in a locally made movie to put Ghana on the map.

According to Michael, he will shoot a movie in Ghana with some local actors to promote the country since the movie production in Ghana is not the best.

The comedian revealed that he intends to use the project to create an opportunity for actors and fashion designers to highlight their skills.

“The production looked terrible and I’m like we need better television, I think that has got better you know, like I’m ok where the entertainers at”, he said sharing his experience of seeing some Ghanaian productions some time back and how terrible they looked.

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“I already talked to a guy here about it, I want to come back and take that character from ‘Coming 2 America’ and make a movie and I want to shoot in Ghana. Let’s put Ghana on the map, let’s get our actors some jobs, let’s get them known to the world,” he stressed.

Michael Blackson also hinted at building a multi-purpose facility where different talents can go to learn skills for their chosen careers.

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“Ghanaians are so talented, you know we have to get out of us, you know people don’t know where to go. The actors don’t know where to get acting class, models don’t know where to find where they can become models and it’s so crazy. I was speaking with my assistant and talked about some kind of something to accommodate actors and fashion designers and that’s my ultimate goal.”

Blackson says the world knows him now and he feels he could open doors for others to see what Ghana has in stock.

The “Coming 2 America” Star revealed this in an interview with Joy News’ Doreen Avio.


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