Michael Oher Wife; Who Is Tiffany Michelle Roy?

Michael Oher wife Tiffany Michelle Roy is one of the many celebrity wives around who found fame upon marrying their husbands which is one of the things that comes with marrying a very popular person–people just want to know more about who you are.

For us here, with your interest at the heart of whatever we put out here, we always bring you what is relevant; we provide you with the information that you need at any material moment. Today, we have gone round to pick the information available to us about who Michael Oher wife Tiffany Roy is.

In this article, you are going to learn about who Michael Oher wife is, and if you are not too familiar with Michael Oher, or you have a very little piece of information about who he is, that, too, would be provided to you–all here in this article. One thing is requested from you: Read on!

As we always do, we shall begin by telling you who Michael Oher is and then proceed to tell you about his wife; this way, there will be a better understanding of things.

Michael’s Biography

Michael Oher wife

Michael Jerome Williams, Jr. was one of Denise Oher’s 12 children and was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

Michael Oher is a former offensive tackle for American football who spent eight seasons in the National Football League (NFL), mostly with the Baltimore Ravens.

He played college football for Mississippi, where he was taken by the Ravens in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft and received unanimous All-American accolades.

He also participated in the Carolina Panthers and Tennessee Titans.

His father, Michael Jerome Williams, was regularly incarcerated, while his mother struggled with alcoholism and a crack cocaine addiction.

He was not well-cared for or disciplined when he was little. During his first nine years of school, he attended eleven different schools and repeated the first and second grades.

At the age of seven, he was placed in foster care.

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He spent time living in different foster homes as well as experiencing homelessness. Oher’s father was murdered in prison when he was a senior in high school. He had previously shared a cell with Denise Oher’s brother.

That is just about much information about him but who is Michael Oher wife, Tiffany Michelle Roy?

We will get to know this later. Oher was predicted to be among the top prospects for the 2009 NFL Draft as early as 2008.

With the 23rd pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens selected Oher. The New England Patriots had sent the pick to the Baltimore Ravens in return for their first-round and fifth-round picks.

His pick on draft day was seen by the Tuohy family. So who is Micheal Oher wife?

Michael Oher Wife Tiffany Michelle Roy

Michael Oher Wife

Tiffany Michelle Roy, Michael Oher wife, is not one to buzz over the fame that she has gained from marrying her popular husband.

In the year 1992, Tiffany was born in Lansing, Michigan. She is believed to have been serving as vice president of a company that her husband, Michael, owns and operates.

Until recently, Micheal was not married but it has been out there that he and Tiffany had got married sometime recently. Though the details about their marriage are not available, we do know that the two have got along so well. Indeed, on his Wikipedia page, Michael Oher wife has not been listed. Is it the case that this piece of information is yet to be updated? That seem to be the case.

Tiffany has performed a variety of ads for her husband’s goods on numerous occasions.

She prefers to keep her private affairs to herself and does not enjoy being in the spotlight, which explains why she is rarely featured in the media.

If you are looking for someone who will just be all over the place because her husband is popular, you aren’t going to have Michael Oher wife, Tiffany Michelle Roy as part of the group.

Here is what we know about Tiffany.



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