Michy Celebrates Her Birthday Today & Shatta Wale’s Message To Her Will Make You Soo Jealous

And yes it’s the birthday of the queen in the kingdom of Dancehall.  Still Confused?

I mean today is the birthday of the wife of Africa’s Dancehall King, Shatta Wale and there’s going to be a shattaberation today. Wife of Shatta Wale, Michy celebrates her 22nd birthday today ( 6th May, 2016)

Shatta Wale who seems to be in so much love with his wife has in a post on Facebook eulogized his wife, reaffirming his unconditional love for her. Michy has been with Shatta Wale since age 17 and in a recent interview with Delay, she even spoke about how she met Shatta Wale  and getting bonked at age 17.

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Well, we are certain you might have read that story, so let’s sway away from that interview. 


Shatta Wale calls Michy his sexycat and I think that’s the most romantic thing to call someone you love. I have never heard of it before. It tells you how good she’s in bed.

In the Facebook post, Shatta Wale wrote

The woman of my kids,My future till the end,My pain and laughter,My sexycat,The love of my life,You dont deserve anything better than this day given to you miraculously be the Almight God,creator of all things.Its your day and a very special one of course.Happy birthday Michelle Michelle Diamond..I love you so much ??????????????????? . #‎notime

Shatta Wale's Message To Michy On Her Birthday
Shatta Wale’s Message To Michy On Her Birthday

The king added several other pictures but the one that really got me emotional is this one below. I have never seen it anywhere else before and it’s the first time I am seeing it. It’s a photo they took, when she was about to deliver their second born.


Awwwww!! Those of us here, want to wish Michy a  Happy Birthday and pray that she remains a loving wife to the king. We pray nothing comes between them. 


Michy! Make you na chop kiss! We dedicate the king’s very own song “Baby Chop Kiss” to you on your day. Enjoy!


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