Michy Reveals Why She Cut The Hair Of Her Son, Majesty

Baby mama of Shatta Wale, Michelle Diamond Gbagonah, who is professionally known as Michy GH and formerly Shatta Michy, has disclosed that order from above made her cut the hair locks of her son, Majesty.

Speaking to on Akoma FM’s Entertainment 360 on Saturday, August 26, the Ghanaian musician, who doubles as a TV presenter, said that order from above had asked that the little boy’s locks be cut off.

Michy GH, revealing who this person who ordered from above, admitted that it was Shatta Wale, who is Majesty’s father.

Michy GH is currently on a media tour promoting her latest single, Hustle.

In a recent interview on Okay FM, Michy candidly described her current relationship with her ex-fiancé, Shatta Wale, as “brotherly” rather than romantic.

She clarified that her feelings for Shatta Wale have evolved, and she now views him more as a friend and the father of their child.

Michy emphasized that the romantic feelings they once had are no longer present, but she remains committed to caring for him, especially considering their shared responsibility as parents. She acknowledged that their journey as a couple had faced challenges, leading to the changes in their dynamic. However, Michy expressed gratitude for the tiny bit of sweetness that remains between them.

“I won’t say feel something like the way it used to be, it’s more brotherly right now and of course we have a child together so I owe him that care, I’ve shown lots of care to him publicly as well and we won’t be hypocrites and say oh it just faded off, a lot of things have made it fade off but that tiny bit of sweetness is there,” she said.

The conversation arose in response to Shatta Wale’s recent show of support for Michy’s new single titled “Hustle.” Michy appreciated the gesture and was glad to see that they have moved past their differences.

“I actually appreciate that post and I’m glad we’ve been able to look over our differences for the sake of the child and business that we can do in the future”.


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