Michy Teases Shatta Wale As She Dances Her Heart Out To Celebrate 1 Year Of Breakup With Him(+Video)

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With recent happenings, it seems Shatta Wale and his ex-girlfriend Michy are both happy being apart as they both have expressed how being separated had been a blessing to them.

A couple of hours ago, Shatta Wale took to his snapchat to thank God for taking Michy out of his life. In case you missed that article, read it below:

Shatta Wale Thanks God For Taking Michy Away From His Life

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In another post made by Michy a few days ago, she also thanked God for being with her throughout the one year period she had broken up with Shatta Wale which fell on 5th January. She also wrote that she couldn’t wait to dance that particular night away.

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Indeed, Michy danced the night away with Shatta Wale’s FREEDOM song. This was probably to tease him that she found freedom and independence after breaking up with him. Anyway, when it comes to matters of the heart, one should not be surprised to see the two come back stronger as a couple.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us:


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