Mike Johnson Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality 

Mike Johnson’s religion, ethnicity, nationality, and many other things about his life and career have come up for discussion since he was elected House speaker on Wednesday, October 25. Johnson was first elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2016.

In this article, we are going to delve into his faith, where he comes from, and the ethnicity to which he belongs.

Mike Johnson Voted New House Speaker

Rep. Mike Johnson took the speakership on Wednesday, securing GOP votes, although the House was in disarray due to weeks of party infighting.

The politician from Louisiana has been an outspoken advocate for the late President Donald Trump and played a significant role in the legislative campaign to rig the 2020 election.

Johnson received 220 votes, while Democrat Hakeem Jeffries received 209 votes. The GOP backed Johnson with unanimity. Rep. Derrick Van Orden, a Republican, did not participate in the vote.

The pressure on House Republicans to choose a new speaker increased after former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was removed from office more than three weeks ago.

Since then, the House has essentially stayed in a frozen state, which is disastrous given that Congress has a November budget deadline and that there are ongoing crises abroad in Ukraine and Israel over Hamas.

Following his victory, House Speaker Mike Johnson received words of support from Majority Leader Steve Scalise.

The two have known one another for many years and are both from Louisiana.

“I’ve known Mike since I was in the state house. He’s an incredibly hard worker, very passionate about this country. And we have a very similar approach to getting our country back on track and we’ve talked about some of those policies and some of the bills that are ready to move,” Scalise said.

Who Is Mike Johnson?

Before we zoom in on Mike Johnson’s religion, ethnicity, and nationality, let’s get to know who he is.

Mike Johnson was born on January 30, 1972, in Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S. As the oldest child of four children, his parents are Jeanne Johnson and James Patrick Johnson.

The Percy R. Johnson Burn Foundation was established by his father, a firefighter, as a nonprofit in memory of his partner, Percy R. Johnson, the first African-American fire instructor and captain in the city, who passed away while performing his duties.

During the same fire, Johnson’s father was seriously injured and rendered crippled while performing his duties. Johnson is the sister of Laura and has two brothers, Chris and Josh.

In Shreveport, Johnson went to Captain Shreve High School. He obtained his business administration bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in 1995, where he was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, and his Juris Doctor from Louisiana State’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center in 1998.

Johnson, a Republican, was first chosen to serve in the US House of Representatives in 2016. In addition to serving as Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference from 2021 to 2023, he chaired the Republican Study Committee from 2019 to 2021.

Mike Johnson Religion

Mike Johnson Net Worth

He is believed to be a member of Cypress Baptist Church in Benton. This means that Mike Johnson’s religion is Christianity. Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Director Steve Horn expressed high praise for Mike Johnson after his election as House speaker.

“This is an exciting day for Louisiana. This is an exciting day for Louisiana Baptists. More than anything, this is an exciting day for America,” Horn said.

“To have someone with Mike’s intellectual acumen, love for America, principled convictions, and Christian worldview as speaker of the House gives me great hope,” Horn said. “We need to be praying for Mike, Kelly, and their children,” he added.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s pastor, John Fream, called Johnson “a tremendous man of God, a historian, constitutional expert, biblical scholar, and great family man.” He also described Johnson as a “humble servant.”

So, Mike Johnson’s religion is Christianity; what about his ethnicity and nationality?

Mike Johnson Ethnicity

Mike Johnson’s ethnicity is white. Johnson, a Republican Party member from the Christian right, is well-known for his ardent advocacy of ending legal same-sex weddings and enacting a national ban on abortion.

He has advocated for the reversal of the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling from the Supreme Court and the restriction of medical marijuana, labeling it a “gateway drug”.

Mike Johnson Nationality

Mike Johnson’s religion is Christianity, and his ethnicity is white. What about his nationality? Well, Mike Johnson’s nationality is American.

Johnson has developed tight relationships with the Louisiana Family Forum, Answers in Genesis, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Focus on the Family—all Protestant conservative organizations.

He collaborated with them to “represent churches, pastors, and congregants whose vision of religious freedom conflicted with government regulations” before going into politics. Johnson is in favor of cutting off US military assistance to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

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