Millionaire’s wife Raychel Jones drops a beautiful video of herself to remind us that her marriage is still solid hours after the alleged marriage collapse of ‘Adinka Pie’ wedding

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Hours after the alleged breakup between Anita Sefa Boakye and Barima Osei Mensah hit social media, the wife of Kojo Jones, Raychel Jones has made a huge fashion statement that emits underlying tones.

Recall that the media has been rife in the last couple of hours with reports that the marriage between Chief Executive Officer of Adinkra Pie, Barima Osei Mensah and Anita, the daughter of the owner of the famous hospitality edifice, Anita Hotel has collapsed.

Blogger Tutugyagu was the harnbiger of the unfrotuante report. She had reported;

“Close Source Information!!! Anita has sent drinks to the palace for marriage breakup..Ceremony ‘ALLEGEDLY’ to happen tomorrow I had to edit this post… Before you come talking plenty, please note that they’re allegations as I wrote up there.. Might be true or not.. But whoever leaked the info is close to them…Thank you 😌 Tutugyagu exclusive.”

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Considering the buzz that shrouded Kojo Jones’s marriage which was on the same wavelength as that of Anita and Barima Mensah, people have started looking in their direction to see if theirs is wobbling.

Perhaps to answer those with these ‘adwinfi’ thoughts, Raychel shared a new video where she was feeling herself like never before. The video speaks volumes although she never uttered any word.

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