Mimi Prays KKD Rots In Prison If He Is Guilty Plus She Says Yvonne Nelson’s Bleaching Is Better Than Rape

K.K.D’s rape allegations is already trending and we hate that it is so, but then you cannot blame us. It is our duty to report the news, whether it favors the person in question or not.

Mimi a female musician has taken to Twitter to express her opinions on KKD’s alleged rape issue.The former BBA rep from Ghana,took to twitter this afternoon to backlash the T.V presenter and fashion icon, K.K.D. Mimi says she’s too much fed up with the hypocrisy of Ghanaians. According to Mimi, what was K.K.D thinking when he was on social media dissing Yvonne Nelson about bleaching. Now which one is more shameful, bleaching or rape?
She tweeted “I am going 2 speak my piece of mind on K.K.D’s alleged rape case and since he has a loud mouth, I will be ready for him when he’s back from cells.” She said the so many people she’s expecting to comment should not come talking “sh*t” because most of them are just a bunch of hypocrates. To her, music is just a percentage of what she does. But i guess that was too late because she didn’t end a tweet before their “shit” comments started flowing.
In other tweets, she said it is not unusual for someone to pay the girl to tarnish the image of K.K.D but who has time to do that and what image does he even have though?

“The fact that you know him doean’t make him right in whatever he does.
And to those women out there who claim he has done same to you, Mimi says why now? Does it have to take the courage of a 19 year old to free you all? She has commended the girl for being bold.

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As for the social media followers who think she’s talking too much this is for you ” You can never be me, never f*ckers. Never! And stop dwelling on the music, you are so much in denial, who cares?
K.K.D has been arrested following an alleged rape case.

KKD who was arrested on Saturday night is still in police cells at the Airport Police Station as investigations are still ongoing.

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