Mini Barbie Age: How Old Is The Young Rapper?

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She reportedly started to rap when she was just 2 years old. Amazing, right? Well, we are all amazed by this information, but we cannot dispute it as she has become so good at it. But what is Mini Barbie age today? How old is the young rapper?

To know just how old the young rapper from the United States of America, who has become a YouTube sensation is, read this article to the end and you will find out, not just her age, but other things about her.

Starting to rap at 2 is certainly fascinating but very interesting.

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Today, she has built on that and has become so popular for her prowess at the rap game. As we talk about his age, we will also get to know some of her achievements including her YouTibe popularity.

Mini Barbie Age: Who is She?

Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America, is the birthplace of the talented child rapper.

She was not born Mini Barbie.

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She only got given that name to typify her childhood fantasies. She was said to have been so fond of Barbie Dolls, and that is why she was nicknamed Mini Barbie.

Her real name is Nari Nicole White.

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The identities of her lovely parents have not been revealed but once her parents found out that she had the talent to rap, they began the process of giving her encouragement to go for what she wanted to do.

By age nine, she had been noticed and that was how she started to gain a lot of attention from the outside world.

So what is Mini Barbie age right now?

Even though her parents’ identities are not known, she is said to have three siblings known as Miya, Morgan, and Priest.

It has not been revealed where the young American rapper is schooling.

How old is Mini Barbie today?

Let’s find this out now.

Mini Barbie Age: How old is She?

Mini Barbie
Mini Barbie

Nari Nicole White was born in 2003. Her birth date is on 20th April. Today, Mini Barbie age is 19 years old. She will turn 20 in April 2023.

Mini Barbie attributes her amazing clothing and makeup to her mother.

She even refers to her mother as her stylist.

Mini Barbie enjoys playing outside with her closest pals, much like most children her age, and she has a large assortment of Barbie and Ken dolls.

She aspires to be like her idol, Nicki Minaj, as she grows up.

YouTube Journey

Having known Mini Barbie age, it’s time to look at his YouTube journey.

Even before turning 10, Mini Barbie’s YouTube channel, The Real Mini Barbie, had amassed over 10,000 subscribers, demonstrating the wide acceptance and support for her love of and skill in rap music.

Mini Barbie has given the impression that she is definitely unique by singing R&B songs and perfecting the art of rap.

Her upbeat demeanor and cheery personality are quite infectious, and most viewers find themselves wanting to watch more of her videos.

She describes herself as a fashion trailblazer and, on her channel, you can witness her quirky, adorable styles in addition to rap.

It’s uncommon for children her age to dress stylishly and sport unusual hairstyles. Mini Barbie is brave and fearless!


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