Minister Orders Demolition Of 22-Storey Airport Property

The Minister of Roads and Highways, Mr Kwasi Amoako-Atta is trending on social media after he angrily ordered the demolition of a 22-storey property under construction at the Airport Residential area for destroying a portion of the road.

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The video of the minister angrily asking the white contractor if this sort of indiscipline will be entertained in his own county and the passion with which he spoke has earned him much praise as Ghanaians have hailed for being a great minister.

The contractor, all those working here must be arrested immediately”, he ordered. Look at this! And you destroy the road; the public road. In which country can this be allowed?” he confronted the foreign contractor who remain speechless as the minister vented his spleen on him.

“In your own country, can anybody do this?” Mr Amoaka-Atta asked the contractor, exclaiming: “It’s madness”.

“The owner of this property is not bigger than this country”, he told the foreigner, adding: “Even the President of the Republic, with all the executive powers in his hands, can’t do this and won’t do this”.

What kind of indiscipline is this? You sit in this country and allow this nonsense to go on? The impudence. You enter into the road corridor, creating inconveniences for all those who use this stretch of the road, you have destroyed the road and you think you have the power to do that? You should be arrested and prosecuted”, the minister told him.

“Is National Security here?” the minster enquired. “This man must be picked. Please pick him. And arrest him. Put him in the car”, the minister ordered angrily, stressing: “This nonsense will not be allowed in our country”.

“Foreigners come into our country and engage in all kinds of things. You destroy a public road, a public property because of this property? Can you do this in your own country?” he decried.

“Arrest him and National Security should stop the construction”, Mr Amoako-Atta directed, ordering: “And anybody engaged in it, please arrest all of them”.

“You think you are more sensible than those in your country. Can you do this in your own country? The impudence. You break into the road. Everybody here should be arrested. Look at how you have destroyed the road with impunity”, he pointed.


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