Misconceptions about chubby men and small cucumbers – myths vs reality

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One of the major myths people have come to believe is that all chubby men have okro – sized joysticks. This is true to some extent but what most people fail to know is there some chubby men who have naturally large Joysticks. Such group of men don’t necessarily need use sexual enhancement products to increase the size of their manhood.


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Let’s address some myths and reality about the size of a man’s manhood.

Myth – All f@t men have small manhoods.

Reality: This is not true. There are a lot of chubby men who have normal size manhoods. There are so many factors that can shrink the size of a man’s Joystick. To start with, a chubby man who eats only junk foods and does little or no exercise is likely to have clogged arteries which restricts blood flow to the penis thereby preventing it from getting bigger during an erection. So the fact here is, a skinny man can equally experience the same problem if he eats only junk foods and does little or no exercise.

The second Myth is about masturbation improving health.

The reality is, mastrubating alot as a man naturally causes your manhood to shrink in size. Surprised? The human body repairs itself on daily basis after every release of sperm. The body needs at least three days to refuel for another sperm release. However, if you masturbate a lot as a man, it can damage your manhood by restricting the amount of blood flow that goes in there. So next time you pick up that vaseline, think about the damage you are doing to yourself. Get a woman or better still get married so you can have it whenever you want.

The third myth is all fat- looking men are unhealthy.

The reality is, this may be true to some extent but it doesn’t apply to all chubby men. There are skinny men who have high cholesterol, all the different types of diabetes among other health related problems. A person’s weight doesn’t necessarily depict their health status. There are some chubby men who are active, healthy and have well- functioning manhoods. Such men can “eat” a woman so well that she will forget about his size. The fact that he has a pot belly doesn’t mean he is s3xually weak. Try him and see, you might be surprised.

So the next time A chubby man hits on you, don’t be quick to push him away. Get to know him and he might surprise you with his bedroom skills!

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