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Everything in Ghana just doesn’t seem to go right. How can a common beauty pageant also go wrong? Exclusive events Ghana, the main organisers of Miss Ghana have a story to tell us, why no one is representing Ghana at this years Miss World Contest. The reigning winners, have both resigned from their beauty queenship for reasons best known to only Exclusive events Ghana.

You would remember, news came out that they had stripped the winner of Miss Ghana, Guiseppine Nana Akua Baafi from her position and taken the crown from her as well because, they claim the beauty queen showed gross disrespect to management. Exclusive Events Ghana had said so in a press statement they released, but it eventually emerged that Nana Akua Baafi was the one who actually resigned from her beauty queenship months ago before even the press statement came out.

Sadly, the second-runner up Crystal Selorm Amudzi also confirmed to Peace Fm on Thursday, that has has also resigned and has not been working for Exclusive event Ghana a year ago. It doesn’t just end there, it’s also repored that the First-runner up Margaret Kuma Mintah has also resigned. Yes, they’ve all resigned and attempts by GHbase to get Exclusive Events Ghana to debug the allegation has been unfruitful, as they insist we stick to that press statement they issued.

Guissipine Nana Akua
Miss Ghana 2013-Guissipine Nana Akua
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As far as i can remember, i have never seen the Miss Ghana brand been through this sort of disgrace and embarrassment, and especially all three winners quitting. Have you heard of something ever before in previous years?

However, sources disclose to Ghbase.Com that the mother of Inna Mariam Patty, CEO of Exclusive events Ghana got into some public fight with our Miss Ghana, Nana Akua Baafi and she almost even lost her nose.

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The case ended up in the police station. It’s also said that Inna’s mother is one of the board of directors of the company and had gone to Nana Akua’s house on behalf of the company. Surprisingly, Inna Mariam Patty, was the winner of Miss Ghana 2004 and used to be on the neck of Sparrow Productions, the organisers of Miss Ghana then, for unpaid prizes.

It could be that the other two must have resigned, because they did not like the harsh treatments their friend , Nana Akua went through. Now that all three has resigned, we have no one to represent Ghana at this year’s edition of Miss World but the company says it will make another announcement in the coming days on who gets to represent Ghana at this year’s Miss World event, which takes place in the UK in December.

Gh Base will still try and get Exclusive Events Ghana and the resigned Miss Ghana winners to speak on this developments.


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