Car Care on Capital Tv

If you are a  television freak, then you would know that Ghana’s first automobile show on tv was Car Care. It’s an automobile show that tends to educate viewers on cars and how to care for them. The show also showcased the latest cars in town and even had a segment that celebrities showcased their cars. It used to air on Cine Afrik, a multi tv channel until the original owners and producers setted up their own tv station and stopped producing the show there.

Sources close to Ghbase disclose that, the creator of the Car Care show happens to be one of the part owners of the latest tv station in town Capital Tv, a channel also on the multi tv platform launched in late February.

The automobile show, Car Car was hosted by a lady, Sandra during the time it aired on Cine Afrik but we are still uncertain if she will continue to host the new season we don’t know when it would be starting. The old season of the show has been repeated several times on the tv station and a new promo aired informing viewers that a new season is soon coming.

sandra-car-careWell, it seems like that soon is taking too long a time, especially when Viasat 1 has also started airing  a whole new automobile show, Auto Gear and people are already excited about it.

The last time i checked, almost everything was ready for the new season of Car Care to start on Capital Tv except for a presenter who will be able to handle the show and drive attention of viewers. Ghbase heard, Sandra, the former host was going to continue with the new season of the automobile show, then a new male presenter, was said to be taking over but after some weeks, that decision was over ruled again, and that one was over-ruled again and again. Now, we do not know who will be hosting the new season as the producers of the show keep changing their mind on who is fit to handle the show.

We just can’t wait  to review both shows, that is the one that will be aired on Capital Tv and the one currently showing on Viasat 1, but since we do not know what the producers intend to bring up in their new season, we would have to wait and see.

We at Ghbase will be monitoring, so we let you know what Car Care intends to come up with. Maybe they just want to pull a fast one on Viasat 1’s Auto Gear.


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