Mitchy Reveals Why She Didn’t Accept Shatta Wale Back After Several People Coming To Plead For Him

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Shatta Mitchy & Wale

Mitchy, Formerly known as Shatta Mitchy has revealed why she didn’t take back her ex Shatta Wale after their fight despite several people coming to plead on his behalf.

The two were once one of the most I interesting and fun couples in the country as they hit the news several times with either interesting or controversial content.

Sadly, about two years ago their beautiful relationship hit rocks leading to their break up which was a bad news for their fans and admirers.

Apparently Shatta Wale didn’t let go easily as he continually sent people to go plead on her behalf but all didn’t work as Mitchy refused to come back.

Revealing why this never worked, Mitchy said the issue was supposed to be discussed between him and her themselves and not for third parties to come in, hence not agreeing to accept him back.

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