Mmebusem is under a curse; his family will gather and beg me someday – Salinko

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The atmosphere in the camp of Kumawood actor Salinko and Hymns Justice popularly known as Mmebusem among Kumawood fraternity isn’t the very best as we speak.

This is because the back and forth banter is getting shitty as the former has pronounced an irrevocable curse on the latter for obvious reasons.

The Genesis of the ongoing banter according to Mmebusem is when he started his own production after starring in “Boys Abre” TV series produced by Salinko. Hope you’ve come across the viral ‘local Jesus’ series that is making waves on social media.

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But someway somehow, Salinko feels betrayed and rejected following the unexpected move by Mmebusem to start his own production at the back of his (Salinko) creativity and intelligence.

Speaking exclusively to Quoo Fante of Inside Prime Page, Salinko stated categorically that Mmebusem is under a curse and consequently, his family will certainly come and beg for forgiveness someday!

Touching on what pushed him to curse Mmebusem, he posited that he has no issue or whatsoever with regard to Mmebusem defecting from his camp. But stealing his Jesus’ idea is uncalled for.

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