Mmebusem & Salinko Squash Beef, Set To Work Together Again

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Actor and producer, Salinko has reunited with Mmebusem aka Local Jesus after they fell out over inconceivable differences.

Salinko is credited with giving the pedestal for Mmebusem, real name Justice Hymns to shine after he rose from obscurity to super stardom through the comedy skit which has taken the internet by storm.

However, things fell apart as internal squabbles put a sword between their friendship and we guess you know all that happened.

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In a video found on social media, Salinko asked Mmebusem met at an event today December 25.

Salinko asked Mmebusem if they should expect another Jesus to which they both answered by saying, he is the only Ghana Jesus the rest he brought are thieves.


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