Mo Y3 Mmoa Dodo! – Rev Obofour fumes as he reacts to allegations on cheating on his wife

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Reverend Obofour of the Anointed Palace Chapel has finally reacted to wild claims propagated by Ghanaian bloggers that he has been cheating on his and presently there’s chaos in his matrimonial home.

Rev. Obofour reportedly birth three kids with other women – Insider reveals deep secrets [Video]

Weeks ago, it was widely circulated that the man of God had had extramarital affair with another woman who he has allegedly brought to his matrimonial home to stay with them.

This promoted his wife Ciara to pack out and head to an unknown destination. A confused Obofour also travelled abroad to cool off after the pressure at home become unbearable.

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However, in a new video shared by UK-based Ghanaian blogger Tutugyagu, the famed man of God has suggested all the allegations are false and wondered what constitutes the mind of bloggers who often go to that extent with him.

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He said those who fabricated the stories are all fools who don’t lie on pillows at night when they go to bed.

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