Moesha Buduong Warns Haters To Stop Telling Her To Visit The Psychiatrist

Moesha Buduong has pleaded with individuals who are disparaging her and suggesting that she visit a mental facility to stop.

Moesha recently said on her social media page that this would be the final time she asked people to stop calling her a crazy person.

She believes that mental health is a vital issue and is confident in her mental health.

She continued by advising individuals who were criticizing her for claiming that she wanted to be John Dumelo, an actor and politician, sidekick.

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To catch John Dumelo’s attention, Moesha Buduong shared several pictures of him on her Instagram. But she was in vain since John Dumelo paid her no attention.

A few years ago, Moesha Boduong embarked  on the journey of saving others after she was miraculously saved by Jesus Christ.

In a video that went viral on Instagram, born again Moesha was seen laying down the Gospel into details to some group of people in an uncompleted building.

Moesha in the video is heard saying the world has nothing to give, confessing that what she gained in the world with her body was all vanity and advised those around to have faith in God and all their needs will be provided.

She seems to have gone back to default settings. Her latest posts on her Instagram page shows how she has gone back into the “world”.

See her post below;


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