Moesha denies ever dating an occultic grand master in Nigeria

When Moesha was having a hard time, audio that went viral on the internet said that the actress was having an affair with a Nigerian man believed to be an occultic grand master.

The audio was actually a conversation between Salma Mumin and Moesha’s P.A., but the actress put it online later.

In the audio, it was said in a crazy way that Moesha Buduong saw her so-called occultist boyfriend offering sacrifices to his gods, and that was when she started to lose her mind.

In a recent interview with Eugene Nkansah of Nkonkonsa Media, Moesha Buduong denied that she had ever had an affair with a rich occultist. She also said that she would never do that in this life or the next.

Moesha says that her P.A. lied to her face because nothing he said during his conversation with Salma Mumin is true.

In her own words;

“All that Nelson said were fabricated stories and I would personally invite him to an interview and make him publicly confess to the general public. I am never all that my PA said about me. I only accept the story about Salma because …she openly fought me online for the whole world to see. God is king,”


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