Moesha indirectly confirms that her attractive ‘sick bortos’ is largely due to liposuction (+ photos

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Setting the record straight, contemporary ladies around the world including the infamous Moesha like their bodies curvaceous, for reasons best known to them. To those born natural, well and good.

For some, measures too extreme are taken including plastic enhancement surgery. We might all know the specific reasons for that, and even though it might be embarrassing, some females point their surgeries out and are even proud of the outcomes.

Does it bring fame? Ahh well, Moesha has rocked social media specifically Instagram with her hot curvaceous body since she shot to fame. Therefore, the frequently asked questions (FAQs) is that was she born like this?

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Moesha Buduong somewhere in 2018 was in the news after a video of her with a liposuction mark at her back went viral on social media. According to Delay, Moesha Buduong denied that it’s a liposuction mark when she called her to clarify the rumours.

But hey, fast-forward to 2019, Moesha Buduong is on Instagram making mockery of actress Salma Mumin for copying her following Salma’s alleged butt enlargement surgery in Turkey.

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Moesha in an Instagram post indirectly confirmed that indeed she’s had a butt job and that others such as Salma Mumin have copied her. She wrote; “First they laugh ,then they copy?they always wanted it?‍♀️yet they troll you ?”.

Logically, what Moesha Buduong is insinuating in her cryptic post is that she went in for the liposuction first and became the subject of mockery. But those who mocked her including Salma are now victims of the situation, liposuction or otherwise known as body enhancement surgery.

See photos of Moesha Buduong and Salma Mumin below:


Salma Mumin new bortos??

Salman Mumin




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