Moesha Is Lucky to Be Alive For What Happened To Her Is Beyond Human Comprehension – Diamond Appiah

As usual, failed musician cum politician, Diamond Appiah wants to jump on the Moesha story for clout.

According to Diamond Appiah, she’s well informed in reference to the happenings in the life of the former CEO of Ghana Slay Queens Association, Moesha.

As to the best knowledge of Diamond, Moesha nearly died if not for the intervention of God as what happened to her is beyond human comprehension.

She, therefore, called on all big men of God in Ghana to come together and pray for Moesha to come out of her troubles.

She wrote: “I will entreat all the powerful men of God in the country to Remember our dear Sister Moesha in prayers bcos wot happened to her is beyond human comprehension.

“It is even by the pure Grace of God that she is still alive today after the incident.

“All the attention seekers fabricating lies about her situation shld put a stop to that cos y’ll wouldn’t have even survived if wot happened to her had happen to u.

“Let’s all remember her in our prayers as we are trying our best to get her the help she needs. Bless u all 🙏 #PrayForMoesha,”


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