Moesha, the alleged call-girl turns stripper too? – video of Moesha rehearsing stripping in a night club pops up

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Ghana movie industry as it stands is relatively dead! This makes critical thinking Ghanaians question the financial source of acclaimed actresses who live ostentatious lifestyle especially Moesha.

Well, a video of Moesha who happens to be the CEO of Ghana Slay Queens Association twerking on a pole inside a club in Nigeria has surfaced online drawing inquisitive eyes to her activities in Nigeria.

Analysing the video under discussion, it seems Moesha was rehearsing for the main show which was to happen in the night. She even encouraged her followers to turn up at the club known as Silverfox which happens to be a popular disco club in Legos, Nigeria.

Moesha rehearsing stripping in a Nigeria night club

Y’all know that Moehsa has been trading in Nigeria off late although it’s difficult to point out her real business as Nigeria movie industry is also in coma. Besides, if Nigerians want to cast an actress, Moesha won’t be a priority.

Recently there were rumors that Moesha is a call-girl at high profiled rich parties in Nigeria hence her frequent visit to the country. However, she refused to respond to the allegations.

However, Moesha’s recent movements by going to-and-fro in Nigeria and also encouraging people to visit Silverfox night club in Lagos is giving weight to the rumours.

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