Moesha The Husband ‘Sharer’ Is Back & Says She Misses You–See The Full Photo She Posted

I think it’s safe to say Moesha is a kind person and deserves some accolades. She believes in the saying that sharing is caring and while some girls are snatching other women’s husbands, she decided to share that of another woman instead of snatching the man completely–Such a kind soul huh? LOL.

Well, after staying away from active Social media for a while, the famous Social media star has made a comeback with smiles slapping her face.

Moesha posted a new photo which is a delight to watch and captioned it; “Happy new month 😀😀😁I miss you all ❤”

Well, artificial butt or not, the married man has not left her yet and she’s not ready to also leave him alone. See that photo below:

See the original post on Instagram below:

Written By Chris Handler

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