Moesha Turns Counsellor, Says We Should Not Revenge Those Who Hurt Us

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Moesha Bodoung has often hinge her popularity on the n*de photos she often flaunt on social media.

However, the kind of attention she had owing to her infamous CNN comment cannot be compared to her acting career and social media presence put together.

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Even though that issue happened weeks ago, Ghanaians do not want to erase it in their memory. All this while, Moesha has remained calm over the issue, although she issued a profound apology to that effect.

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Apparently the situation has made her stronger and thought her some valuable lessons which she’s extending to her followers as well.

She advised her numerous fans not hurt those who hurt them because nemesis will catch up with them naturally.

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She wrote:

Don’t waste your time to revenge those who hurt you. They will eventually face their own Karma.

One great lesson in life is that, there is no market place for your emotions. So never advertise your feelings, just show your attitude.

And always remember that a satisfied life is better than successful life because success is measured by others, but your satisfaction is measured by your own heart, mind and soul.

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