Molly Ephraim Net Worth: Check Her Worth

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On Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in many others, she has starred and made a name for herself as one of the best actresses in the United States of America. Working so hard brings many things to people who are so diligent in what they do, and one of those things is the money they stand to earn. What is Molly Ephraim net worth as one of the best actresses out there?

In this article today, we are going to look into the worth of the actress.

How much money has she earned in all these years that she has been doing her best to entertain people?

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Entertainers earn quite a lot these days and when you consider the fact that she has worked so hard since making her debut, you would have thought that she would be one of the top earners in the industry.

Well, today, we shall see how much exactly she is worth and how she has earned her money.

Molly Ephraim Net Worth: Who is She?

Molly Ephrain
Molly Ephraim
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Before we zoom in on how much money she has erne, let’s take a look at her background.

Who is she and who are her parents? What were her childhood interests and where did she acquire her education?

Also, who are her siblings?

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In May 1986, Molly Ephraim was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Molly Ephraim’s parents are William F. Ephraim and Nina Z. Ephraim.

She has a brother named Max but very little is known about him.

Molly performed at the Bucks County Playhouse when she was a little girl, and she later had appearances in plays at the Prince Music Theater and Arden Theatre Company.

She received her degree from Princeton University, where she participated in the Triangle Club, choreographed plays, and performed in them.

That is the rundown on her early life, so what is Molly Ephraim net worth today?

Her worth is all based on her career as an actress, how did things begin for her?

Before we see the details of Molly Ephraim net worth, let’s take a look at her career details.

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Career Beginnings

Molly Ephraim net worth

She made her name as an actress and that is what she has done since she found her feet in the industry.

In 2002’s Into the Woods, she made her Broadway debut as Little Red Riding Hood.

In Fiddler on the Roof, which debuted on Broadway in 2004, she played Bielke.

Hench at Home, a 2003 television movie, featured Ephraim.

She played Wendy in the 2008 film College Road Trip.

She played the part of Ali Rey in the 2010 film Paranormal Activity 2 and reprised it for the 2014 film Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.

She played Cricket in the 2014 movie Gravy as well. Ephraim has played Mandy Baxter in the television show Last Man Standing since 2011.

Additionally, she has made appearances in episodes of the TV shows Royal Pains and Law & Order.

Some of the movies she has starred in include; College Road Trip, Paranormal Activity 2, Last Man Standing, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, The Front Runner, The Wonderful Maladys, Hench at Home, and more.

All of these have contributed to Molly Ephraim net worth, so how much is she worth today?

Let’s find out in the next section of the article.

Molly Ephraim Net Worth

Molly Ephraim net worth
Molly Ephraim

Since making her debut, she has not looked back and the result of the hard work is that Molly Ephraim net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Her professional acting career, which began for her at a young age, accounts for a sizable portion of her income.

Molly Ephraim is no longer available for dating because she is blissfully wed to musician John Krause.

With her husband John Krause, Molly Ephraim gave birth to their first child, but she has kept the public in the dark about the details of the birth.


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