Moment African chiefs exchange their gold-plated necklaces for “Jalabia” during meeting with Arabs in Dubai [Video]

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A video making rounds on social media gives an account of the moment some African chiefs exchanged their necklaces for “Jalabia’ during their meetings with Arabs in Dubai.

While these gold-plated necklaces signify the power of chiefs and the authority they wield, these chiefs were ready to forego it all and trade these ornaments for dresses.

Are we still in the Barter trade system? Where gold is traded for salt and other mineral resources exchanged for mirrors and merchandise.

Well, the video below clearly depicts how African leaders are ready to worship and kowtow to external powers to the point of relinquishing their authority and bargaining lowly for whatever is placed on the table.

Actually, it could also be these chiefs are appreciating the religion of the Arabs and vice versa thus they decided to exchange those tokens.

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