Moment brave rescues woman from being robbed in the street- Watch

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A dog has earned much admiration on Facebook after it came to the rescue of a woman who was trailed by a robber on the street. 

From the footage captured on CCTV, the robber who wore a hoodie to disguise himself walked behind the woman slowly as he waited for the perfect time to pounce on her.

Meanwhile, the dog perched on the road and watched ‘proceedings’ closely as it obviously anticipated the ulterior motive of the man who was lurking in the lady’s shadows.

Just then the man jumped on her and tried to snatch her handbag but the dog quickly sprang into action and attacked the guy- forcing him to run for his dear life.

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It was such an act of heroism on the part of the fog for saving the woman in the nick of time and this is why people are praising it.

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